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I've been really violent lately, haven't I?

The good: Chunying and I got a 100 on our algebra project. Yay!

The so-so: The French test today wasn't as bad as I thought. Even though the questions weren't too bad, I couldn't remember some of the geography, even though that's what I'm good at. Luckily, my really strong point was the essay question. I just wish we had more room on the back of the page. I seriously considered crossing out the numbers so I could renumber the page my way [i.e. so I could have enough space to write as much as I wanted].

The bad: I got a 62/100 on the last multivariable problem set. This surprised me, but it didn't shock me. So after I finished my French test I stopped by Dr. T's office and asked him about what exactly I did wrong. After all, I did work just about the entire weekend on it. We talked about it, and we found out that I just misinterpreted two of the questions [including the question I posted about the cheerleaders], and actually messed up on the other two. Then we started talking about other math-related fields. I asked him about his field, graph theory, and we started talking about problems in graph theory. It was a lot to take in for such a short time but still really interesting.


Also, the new Math Horizons magazine arrived in my box this morning. Yay! Now to go read it...

To Do:
1. FYS reading and Think Piece #4 (Tuesday)
2. French: read chapter 6 (Monday)
3. Multivariable problem set (next Wednesday)
4. Multivariable and algebra: the usual problems
5. Laundry [tonight, preferably]
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