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Scholars' Weekend was fun. My prospective was another linguist mathematician, but her language of choice is Spanish. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one. Actually, I'm not the only one, as two seniors here are double majoring in math and German. She's also as nerdy as I am, which made for an exciting night. Also, she's definitely coming to Agnes in the fall, meaning that I can greet her and scare her like I nearly did when I found out she liked math too.


Dr. T in multivariable today: "So we want fu(a,b) ...what do we do here?" Meanwhile, Kelso and I were trying not to laugh. It didn't work.

To Do:
1. Multivariable problem set (due Wednesday)
2. FYS paper (tomorrow, 9:30am)
3. Algebra test (receive tomorrow, due Wednesday 11am)
4. French: read chapitre sept

I should probably get started on some of this.
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