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Shameless promotion: Hey Scotties! If you read this in the next hour, ODE (Economics Honor Society) and the Infinity Club are showing "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room" tonight. 7:30pm, Buttrick G4. Be there or be Square. </shameless>

The last two days were good. I got my first big writing assignment back in FYS yesterday and was relieved to see my 28/30. [She also printed it out on nice recycled paper for some reason. No, really. The paper was nice, and it was recycled. Hmm...]

Also, during FYS yesterday I showed why division by zero was undefined. "But why doesn't it equal zero?" Marybeth asked. So I walked her through the same way I convinced myself about five years ago that division by zero was undefined: proof by contradiction [although I didn't call it that at the time].

Define a/0=x, a,x are real numbers. We can check division by multiplication, as we all know so well.

Case 1: a does not equal zero. Then 0x=a. So a=0. But a=/=0 by assumption.

Case 2: a=0. Then 0/0=x. Checking this by multiplication gives us 0x=0, so 0=0. Fine.

Then all numbers are the same (i.e. a=0 for all real numbers), but all numbers are not the same.

I turned in my algebra test and my multivariable problem set, neither of which sapped the soul out of me. I even answered the bonus problem on the algebra test and finished my multivariable problem set last night.

Speaking of doing well, I didn't fail that French test after all, even though I made some of the dumbest grammatical errors, probably because I was writing faster than I was thinking. That's sad considering grammar is one of my stronger points.

To Do:
1. Algebra Assignment #2 (due next Wednesday)
2. Multivarible problem set (due next Wednesday)
3. FYS Writing Assignment, first draft (due next Wednesday...gee, is everyone plotting against me?)
4. French reading (Monday)
5. Choose topics for French paper (Monday) and FYS paper (next Thursday)
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