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Who just owned her algebra test? That's right. I did. I saw my grade on Blackboard yesterday when he posted them, but I didn't believe it until he gave the tests back today. That 99 was my ego boost of the day.

We started doing real bouting in fencing yesterday. I scored a point! It was exciting but scary when the class figured out that they needed to watch out for my speed and my super-long lunge. I just don't have a strategy yet. Ah well.

This Weekend--To Do:
1. Algebra Assignment #2 (due next Wednesday)
2. Multivarible problem set (due next Wednesday)
3. FYS Writing Assignment, first draft (due next Wednesday...gee, is everyone plotting against me?)
4. French reading (Monday)
5. Choose topics for French paper (Monday) and FYS paper (next Thursday)
6. FYS reading (Tuesday) : Clegg 47-56, Maor 37-43
7. FYS Think Piece #5 (Tuesday) : On page 54, Clegg writes that of Aquinas that “nothing created can be infinite, because any set of things, whatever they might be, have to be a specific set of entities, and the way entities are specified is by numbering them off.” Discuss how you understand Aquinas’ viewpoint, and to what extent you share it.

This is going to be an interesting weekend...
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