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From my FYS think piece

I was writing Think Piece #5 when this little gem came up. It brought about a beautiful mental image which will probably be used sometime in the future. Unfortunately it doesn't fit in the paper.

"[The axioms of mathematics] live in royalty and dare all others to challenge their truths."

Actually, the axioms we choose in maths are completely arbitrary as long as they don't lead to contradictions, but this sentence brought a smile to my face and an idea for a mathematical icon. Maybe when I get some time.

FYS reading for Thursday:Read Maor Chapter 9 pp. 54 – 60, Clegg Chapter 6 pp. 57 – 75, and Seife Chapter 6 pp. 137 – 141 (center). Don’t get embroiled in the technicalities – read for the general feel. We’ll discuss most of this quite carefully. Kaplan’s Infinity, the Interlude pp. 75 – 76, and the Interlude, pp. 131 – 132, is good additional reading. This book is on reserve in McCain.
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