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Strikethrough, Reloaded

LJ Spoke on Tuesday Night. Under a sockpuppet, of course. Yeah, that clarified a lot.

Last updated 8 August 2007

Looks like strikethrough is going bold. The newest LJ release (bugfixes, features, et cetera, over at lj_releases bolds deleted/suspended users and delinks them. mightygodking got suspended (along with all his other accounts) before all this started. That was the seed. The suspensions of ponderosa121 and elaboration for posting "minors in explicit sexual situations" set the thing on fire.

Anyway, since visitation last night, stuff has gone down. Lots of it. I'm tired, so I provide links.

So far this looks like the most comprehensive post on the whole thing. (A link to ponderosa121's image is behind this link--I haven't gotten a hold of elaboration's yet. And wow, she's good.)

The stupid_free report

The Fandom_Wank report (it's starting to get good)

More later. Off to bed and possibly shopping tomorrow. Why does all the wank happen when I'm not here?

Big old ETA 4 August:

First, the latest news post. The real fun starts on page six when imaginarycircus brings up the suspended journals. If you venture farther, someone posted ponderosa121's death sentence reason for suspension, which is beautiful and slashy but NSFW. After awhile some people realize that posting cat macros sounds like more fun than actually, you know, telling LJ why they're pissed.

While we're on the topic of news, there's an analysis of ponderosa121's picture (NSFW), which is pure genius. To show how pointless and subjective artistic merit is, hoshi3 posts pointed sex. Yes, stick figure sex. Now, on to the others.

There's also a report abuse button for certain categories. Oh, this'll give the crazies some fun. slash_eater gives innocence_jihad an idea.

fandom_flies - A good chunk of fandom is making plans to leave LJ for fandom purposes. Though not specifically for FF, twocorpses is working on , a fandom-friendly website based on the LJ code. Expected launch date is beginning of the year from what I've heard. See this tag for more information. It sounds pretty promising. The threats of fandom's leaving LJ that have been coming out of the woodwork for ages just may finally be coming to light.

beyond_lj - If you're leaving and you have GJ/IJ/JF/DJ/whatever, go comment in the appropriate post so people can find you.

fandom_counts is still taking members. They're up to 34K members now. No one posts; just join.

Fandom TOSsed at GreatestJournal - For discussion of fandom journals suspended during Strikethrough: Reloaded (You can add it to your friends list here too: fandomtossed)

07Refugees at InsaneJournal - For those arriving at IJ because of the Strikethrough: Reloaded

The clairvoyantwank report at JF. They were right about the wank.

The fandom_lounge report at JF

bubble_blunder provides another link list.

elke_tanzer gives some advice to the fandom.

synecdochic discusses the legal situation surrounding Strikethrough: Reloaded.

liz_marcs gives a general lowdown.

There are a ton of posts in metafandom about Strikethrough: Reloaded and a possible fandom migration.

A post in fanthropology explains how to submit your work to FanWorksFinder and create a page on you at the FanHistory Wiki as a short-term solution during the shuffle.

A guide to backing up your LJ for Windows by brown_betty. liz_marcs describes her experience.

The mod of pornish_pixies hears from the Abuse team.

LJ makes Firefox News. Gotta love the title, though. Apparently the author is at least familiar with fandom, for she uses Potterdammerung in this article.

A Youtube Farewell to LJ by bookshop, aka Aja. Yes, LJ is really going to miss you.

BIG ETA 5 August

fandom_action - Yes, a comm for protecting fandom.

To show that I can represent the other side as well, umbo posts on why LJ was right.

Look! It's underage flower sex! Just think, flowers and bees everywhere are having underage sex. If we post pics, are we violating the TOS?

burr86 has some fun over at efw. The original post was deleted, but I think I found a new favorite comm. This makes Firefox News.

Metafandom post for Saturday, 4 August. Every post concerns Strikethrough: Reloaded.

jupiter_star is collecting SA/LJ contradictions.

Why fandom should flock to JF by nardasarmy--and yes, it's BECAUSE JF hosts Fandom Wank. There's a second entry on why Scribblit isn't the solution to a mass fandom exodus.

On the other hand, astolat discusses why none of the existing alternatives to LJ are sufficient.

The 'conclusion', according to atrata of fandom_flies? Build something new. As twocorpses is planning. Problems come up in the comments: It's a huge project, it'll cost a TON of money, laws, not everyone'll want to move, etc.

The picture (NSFW twincest, but the twincest itself isn't why) that got elaboration suspended. Again, what do you mean there's no artistic merit? And what do you mean Gred and Forge aren't minors? They're of age for almost half the series!

So what is artistic merit anyway? stormcloude writes the Abuse team about ponderosa121's suspension and gets a reply.

noa_luna, one of the beta testers on twocorpses's Scribblit Project, comments on reasons people don't want to leave LJ--and solutions.

The fourth post back in news is starting to get filled. Toward the bottom is ponderosa121's picture (NSFW).

ETA 5 August 8pm

First, zenfu also got suspended for posting shota. I haven't found the pic yet.

Metafandom post for Sunday, 5 August. Almost everything is about Strikethrough: Reloaded.

Over at GJ, almostnever tells us how to add lots of friends at once with the admin console. I didn't know this!

For the Mac users wanting to back up their LJs, antennapedia has a tool ready. I don't have a Mac, so I can't speak for its reliability. The comments should tell you something, though. She also has a Python command-line tool for journal migration, supported by OS X/Linux/Windows with Python.

bad_wolf_bitch has an idea! Complain to the Better Business Bureau!

erestor summarizes what is really upsetting about ST:R. I have only one thing to say to this, and that is WORD.

jelynne takes a step back to see what those not familiar with fandom would see in a comm like pornish_pixies.

shusu defends fandom and many anti-fandom arguments. WORD.

Dark Side Rainbow article discusses LJ and Strikethrough: Reloaded.

Meanwhile, back at news, spamming still abounds. They're still at the fourth post back, which is filled with innuendo posts, repeated posts, and ZOMG I ARE SO PISSED AT YOU LJ. But I have found one good thread: Fandom Roll Call. This, at least, is a good idea--just to show how many fandoms use LJ to communicate their ideas. I haven't been commenting in these posts, but I just had to in this thread--and to add the Meta category. About 20 pages in silver_ariel posts an intelligent letter to LJ in the comments among all the nudes and lyrics and spam.

ETA 6 August
I normally don't read gossip articles, but this one was linked all over. According to rumor, Brad--yes, founder Brad--has plans on leaving LJ. A little more digging found this entry from Strikethrough, Round One. Hmm. Aaaaand we get a confirmation. That'll help a lot.

bitterfig at GreatestJournal writes to Feedback about applying the Miller Test.

elle_torrence provides a lesson in literary merit. This leads to another question, though. How does this extend to other areas of merit?

They're at it again. Yes, this is the SIXTH post back in news.

Also, The LJ Refuge is a GJ community for the LJ refugees.

The kerfluffle makes CNET.

On the lighter side, rfjason creates LJopoly!

ETA 7 August

Metafandom post for 6 August

Disussion in fanthropology about the issues raised in Strikethrough: Reloaded.

LJ's statistics gathered by pyrop suggest that LJ has been less active since 2004.

Ponderosa, one of the suspended users, points out a security risk: suspended users can still log in, view their friends pages, and see friends-locked entries--including filtered ones.

From Websnark: LJ's glory days are over.

kara_mckay at GJ discusses why she won't tidy up her journal to meet LJ's 'standards'.

Apparently sex=bad, anorexia=good. This is sad, people. Really sad.

anildash, a VP of SA, gives a "big hearty fuck-you" to the rumormongers. This could also have something to do with the article on who banged Brad's wife, but whatever. Way to stay classy, Anil.

Back in
news, they're on the last post before the first Strikethrough spam. Now they're planning in some of the comments and in fandom_attacks.

ETA 8 August

LJ SPEAKS. This clarifies little, to be honest, especially with the contradictions going on.

Before I forget, here's the e-mail saying that Ponderosa was suspended because of lack of artistic merit instead of minors in sexually explicit situations.

aura218 is collecting everything LJ staff/high up people say in the lj_biz post.

copperbadge gives some (serious) advice to the LJ staff. Hey, they did ask.

The drama makes otf_wank.

Look! A Slashdotter blogged about us! Wonder if this'll make the front page soon. And the German press. And that's just on the overall drama. (The news link provides the translation.) And CNET (again). And Firefox news (AGAIN).

The post also makes stupid_free. We get a visit from coffeechica of LJ on the anorexia wank.

thevelvetsun has an open letter to LJ insisting that proanorexia be suspended. (Don't click that if you're ED-sensitive. It's disturbing even for Internet-hardened me.) The thread in question is on Digg.

Meanwhile, in fandom_attacks, they stopped spamming the way they had (for the moment) and are trying to figure out what to do.
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