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Here we go again

I've updated my last post on Strikethrough: Reloaded. There are a lot more links, some of them containing a LOT more links.

I went shopping today, and what did I see when I entered the store? A back to school sale sign. No, let me get this right. A bck 2 skl sign. I kid you not. Not even a cat could understand that. Well, today was Caturday, you know.

Homeland Security declares new "Gut Feeling" threat level. Reminds me of ST:R right now. What good timing.

The McDonalds Employee Manual, courtesy of Uncyclopedia. Oh, Uncyc, how I love you.

Also, through otf_wank (I think), vegansexuality. I kid you not. Some people take 'you are what you eat' waaaay too seriously. That last line of the article cracks me up, though.
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