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Drama Farms!

First, LOLcats were featured in Time magazine. And of course, Uncyclopedia picks it up.

Jeffrey left today. Mum was telling me about it after they got back, how there were 5,000 kids moving in at once--something I've never experienced since my school doesn't even have 5000 people. Try about a fifth of that.

Also: ihasamusical. Yes, really. I love it.

Also2: pro_wank. Because we're not giving explicit wanking how-tos, we're supporting those who just can't help it wank is just way too much fun.

While we're on the topic of wank, aegion created ban_dramafarms. This gets featured on stupid_free. For awhile this comm had open membership, so a bunch of people from stupid_free joined. aegion caught on and started rejecting memberships. And then it got deleted a day later with a paltry five members. (Screencap of the only post is linked there.) But now Aegion has an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry! Hey, there are perks to e-infamy.

I'd kind of like to live on a drama farm, though. Here, have a llama.
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