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This sounds like a Craigslist missed connection, but I swear it isn't.

Today was surprisingly productive. I got the passport application out of the way (whoo!), putting me one step closer to seeing France. I'm still bashing down the mental block that's keeping me from writing freely.

But today I started to think.

Pretend two people meet one time. They don't exchange contact information or anything of the sort, but during their first encounter, they discover that they're from the same metro area. (So clearly they're meeting away from said metro area.) Let's say around the size of Atlanta just because. Now, if they don't exchange contact information during this first encounter, and they don't intentionally track each other down, is it likely that they meet again?

This is what I'm curious about right now. Not necessarily for writing purposes, but for me. When I go out, I see so many people, but I don't take in enough detail to recognize many of them just in case I run into them again. For those I do recognize, it's because they make themselves recognizable or because I had some sort of contact with them. I'm interested in the second category.

Is it possible that if we were to meet again, I wouldn't recognize them? Or I wouldn't remember why I wanted to see them again in the first place? Or they'd be much less interesting than they were the first time around?

I have no idea, hence the speculation, of which there is very little.

On a less serious note, I have a JoCo icon!

P.S. Girl overdoses on espresso. Guess it is possible after all. Who knew?
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