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Time to start shopping, I think.

First, I really like this suggestion. The sad funny part? Scroll down in the comments. I could actually read that sum in its LaTeX form. Which reminds me, I never did my entire entry in LaTeX.

While we're still talking about math and nerdity, have a video of James Blunt on Sesame Street. It's a triangle!

Books are up for fall semester. Nothing for abstract. Interesting. Based on what I've heard from past years, Dr. Koch writes his own little book and sells it through the math department for not much at all. I should probably start scouring for the others, though. Especially French, unexpectedly enough, since there are five books. Five novels or collections of short stories, it looks like, because they aren't overly expensive--i.e. they aren't anthologies or anything fun like that.

I'm kind of sad I won't have my abstract book before the semester starts. Dr. Koch knows me better than that; he'll know I'll want it a year ago. Guess I'll have to bug him before classes start so I can get it, then.

But *bounces* books, oh my! Especially my math and physics and French books and hey wait! That's all I'm taking this semester. This is going to be a lot of fun.
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