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Why is it that every time I install some new program, I have to tinker with it for hours until I master it? I installed Trillian tonight. This means that I'm on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo! at the same time instead of working on an outline for my FYS paper, my multivariable problem set (which I really should be doing), and my algebra project.


I realized that I've been sounding really angsty lately. This is sad because I don't normally sound like this. Possibly it's because I've been having a bad week. If this were a work of fiction, the anticlimax would be the near-nervous breakdown during the algebra test, while everything coasts down slowly but surely to the end of the week. I'm sure I could find a real climax in this "plot" somewhere.


I've also been thinking about my thoughts of changing my major from math/French to French/something easy. I even started a pro/con list to organize my thoughts and to find out why I was considering the change.

1. I can leave the math department next year with a minor.
2. Never again will I hear, "Sujin's a math major; let her figure out what [insert huge calculation] is." (Actually, I'm known as "the" math major, even though I'm not the only one.)
3. I can actually talk to my friends about my (new) passion without boring them. Let's face it: many of them--math, grammar, languages, writing--aren't exactly suited for general discussion.

1. I still love math. I really do. If you don't believe me, you haven't been hanging out with me long enough.
2. Note my language. I said "something easy", not "something interesting".
3. No matter what I choose, I'll struggle at some point. I did last semester (but did really well in the class), and while I said "Let's change my major to something easy!", it was a joke. Really.
4. There are so many secrets that the mathematical world has been hiding from me, and I want to find out those secrets. So many seeds have already been planted; I want to grow them.
5. If I leave math, a huge part of me will be missing forever.

So... what's a girl to do?
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