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The end of this week's comic strip...if only I could draw.

I got my algebra test back today. For skipping an entire problem (out of ten), I did well (I got an 85--wow!) and managed to keep my average in the class to my midterm average. All I need to worry about is multivariable and maybe French, and I'll be fine.

You know how comic strips have story lines every week? That's how this week has been. This week's story was stress, worrying, and contemplating a change of major. Now, after rereading my list, I see that cons of changing far outweight my pros. That and Radhika talked some sense into me, so Math/French it is. I can't help it; I love math too much!

Remember that SEC e-mail project we're doing about e-mailing prospectives, and how I found it so amusing that I'm e-mailing five prospective mathies? Two of them have already enrolled. I hosted one of them during Scholars' Weekend. I'll be hosting the other this weekend. Too weird. Are math majors that hard to come by? I don't mind; I just think it's odd that I'm hosting the mathies. I know that the admissions office match up the prospectives and the hostesses, and that I'm probably the only mathie in SEC and Tower Council, but I can still scare prospectives when I say, "Omigosh, you're a mathie too!" [Especially last time--another math and language person.]

I found this amusing:

ecarrotsushi Highway
Family Farm57
Lake Love160
Study Hall268
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?


Aren't mileages closer than they appear? In that case, wouldn't all the other places also be closer than they appear as well? Discuss.

Edit: Since I just installed Trillian, I'm still getting used to how it works. Help me out--and help me procrastinate at the same time. Talk to me: ecrivain42 (AIM) or residentmuse375 (Yahoo!). Talking to myself can get me only so far.
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