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Ramanujan movie. Sweet.

Stephen Fry to Co-Write, Co-Direct Film About Indian Math Genius

Yes, Stephen Fry (voice behind UK edition of Harry Potter audiobooks) is involved in a movie about mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. How cool is that? In addition, do you know how many people will see it just because of the Harry Potter connection? I know I will, assuming they actually release it in the US (it's a work between India and the UK), but maybe if there's enough demand, I can hope.

I saw this sign today promoting an FCS event: Purity is not easy...but neither are you!

I know I'm not easy. Is that what they're going to talk about? Are they going to assume that everyone isn't easy?

In other news, I bought a paid account today with extra icons. I'm trying to fill the other 86 slots. I have extra icons saved in my icon folder, but I don't want to use all of those icons, especially considering that I save some of them just because I like them. Hmm. [goes off to search]
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