Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Procrastinating Day

Today I procrastinated. A lot. I meant to work on my multivariable problem set, but I found so many other things to do, like install things on my computer that had been waiting to be installed for a really long time. Now I get to play with them for the next few weeks while procrastinating even more.

Now. I wrote in Dr. Nbook today and recounted the lost eraser incident. I normally don't reread what I write immediately after writing it, but today I did. My handwriting does vary. Not drastically, mind, but it does. Some have even said that I have a "teacher's handwriting" (whatever that means, but probably because I write in cursive) Thus I present to you a real page from Dr. Nbook, dated 18 March 2006. Click the picture for a legible version.

That was part of the windfall of words that inspired that poem I wrote awhile back. I rather like it, even though I go all over the place.

Now to go to bed. The time goes forward tonight, so I should get an extra hour of sleep elsewhere.
Tags: dr.nbook, writing
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