Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

I returned from dinner last night to find this note on my marker board [under my 'food!' heading]:

Hey Sujin, I dropped by to talk about calc. Um... I'll come back... later. Just giving you a heads up! -Jennie

I didn't think anything of it except to expect Jennie later, so I erased 'food!' and left the note. Sometime between then and a trip to the bathroom a few hours later, I saw this note under Jennie's in what looked like Jessi's writing:

...People talk about calc? Wow.

Hey, that's what happens when you live near the geekiest math geek in all math geekdom.


I had my FYI leader interview tonight, a group interview in these really comfortable blue chairs. Considering how much I talked (er, quite a bit), I think I did okay. Now to hope I get it.

I might have found a roommate for next year. Might. We'll have to talk more to see if our lives already match up, considering we already know each other and get along. [We're not best friends, at least, so if this does work, we should still remain friends at the end of the year.] Just in case, I still put a "Roommate Wanted: Inquire Within" sign on my bedroom door. For once I'm thankful that I live next to the elevator so everyone can see it.

I also put up a post-it note calendar for the rest of the semester, including all the deadlines I know of so far. I wish I had a camera so I could get a picture of it and show you; the post-its all over my wall are pretty funny, especially when they're colour-coded by class (I wrote all of them in green and drew stars to organise them by class) and organised in chronological order. I remember in middle school when I would count down the days until summer vacation began. Now I'm doing the same thing, except I'm counting down by the assignments I still have to complete. For some reason, deadlines don't look as threatening when I write them in green marker on pale pink post-its. Maybe red ink really is bad for the ego. I wouldn't know. I always run out of red marker first.
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