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I leave next Friday. Not Friday three days from now, but next Friday. Some of my high school friends have already arrived on their respective campuses. Not me.

Packing has been weird. I keep finding things that I want to pack, but I know I have to leave behind because there simply won't be room. I'm not bringing my big CD player; I have Compy and Lappy, so I have two CD playing devices. I can't take all of my Dr. Nbooks, seven years of writing. I need to buy a padlock to protect them from prying eyes. Oh yes, and I need to find another storage space. Ideas?

I packed away some of my books over the weekend. Because of (lack of) space, I won't take all my books, but I did pack the ones I will be taking. I nearly cried when I packed away Harry Potter, Hitchhiker's Guide, and my dictionaries, not because the time seemed so near, but what if I needed to look up a word? What if I really really needed to know a certain spell or quotation or minor character's name? The Lexicon isn't perfect (but it does come close).

I've been looking forward to this for a long time, and now it's almost here. After packing nearly my entire life (and a few new things that feel unfamiliar so far) into boxes, I'm ready.
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