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Back in 2003, I made a list of things I wanted to do before I die, whether they were life goals or things I just hadn't gotten around to doing yet. While the list wasn't comprehensive, even at the time, some items on the list still ring true, like these:

1. Publish my novels.

2. Travel to every state in the US, and then travel the world.

3. Graduate from high school, college, and graduate school with honors and with a 4.0.
12 March 2005: I made a B in Calculus I during my senior year of high school, so the straight-A record is gone.
7 April 2006: While it's a bit early to think about grad school, it's an option I haven't eliminated yet.

4. Paint a really good painting. [Not necessarily famous, just good.]

5. Learn to cook. [That's right. I can't cook. Well, I can't cook a full meal.]

6. Do something really worth doing that will help somebody else.

7. Overcome my fear of failure.

8. Inspire somebody to write.

9. Learn yoga without killing half my muscles. [I can't even touch my toes, so yoga would be torture at first.]

10. Live in Paris.

11. Actually keep a garden growing.

12. Qualify for Mensa.

13. Be a guest speaker for a huge event.

14. Make the world know my name.

15. Learn how to properly apply makeup. [I don't even wear makeup, but learning how to apply it would be nice.]

16. Give a stranger my autograph.

17. Play a real prank on somebody.

18. Discover a huge family secret.

19. Make up a language.

20. Sit around for an entire day and just write.

21. Learn a language that nobody speaks today. (Besides Latin since I'm still working on that.)

22. Become known for my writing skills and intelligence instead of other things.

23. Self-actualize.

24. Take a physics class in college just to prove that I can, even though that would require a lot of math and would really mess up my GPA. [You can tell this was written before the conversion, can't you?]

25. Learn as much as possible.

26. Go on a real camping trip.

27. Do research in the Library of Congress.

28. Visit the British Museum and the Louvre.

29. Meet an internationally famous person.

30. Go on a blind date. No, really. Better yet, make it double-blind, so he doesn't know who I am, either.

So what happened to the other twenty? I completed some of them (solving a Rubix cube, solving the "pillbox" puzzle in my Algebra II teacher's room). I've eliminated others (kissing in the rain--acid rain, plus I don't like publicity; going to Hogwarts--unfortunately, I'm a Muggle; learning to skateboard--well, it sounded cool at the time; marriage--it's not worthy to be a life goal for me, especially since I don't particularly want to right now) because they changed over time or because they finally outgrew me. We don't outgrow goals; they outgrow us.

However, I don't think my life is going to be this simple. I'm still adding things and modifying it as times and goals change.
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