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The past and the future

By this time next Friday I'll be at Agnes Scott College. Finally. I've been waiting for that day for years. It feels unreal that it's almost here.

Right now I have the perfect vantage point on life. I can see the past and the future. I feel like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff, and I'm about to jump off into a pool of Jello. No, banana pudding. Behind me I can see all the rocky land I've been through that felt really rocky at the time but now feels like nothing, especially compared to what I'm about to do. Ahead of me is a vast array of goodies (including banana pudding) that can be goody if I take advantage of it and actually eat it before someone else gets the last bowl. In order to get it, though, I have to jump. And jumping is a whole lot harder than climbing those rocky hills, even though the landing is easier.

One more week. I can't wait.
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