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Good Friday

So, you ask, what did Sujin do all day Good Friday?

I did three loads of laundry. It was about time, too, since the hamper was almost overflowing. I meant to do it sooner--I really did!--but I had so much work to do last weekend that I just put it off. Luckily my clothes lasted through the week without anything drastic happening. I still have one load left, but I can do it later tonight or even tomorrow.

I also tried to start the draft of my big FYS paper. It didn't work too well, but that was probably because I was doing laundry most of the day. So far I have two unfinished sentences, but they're fairly important unfinished sentences: half an opener and a thesis statement. I'll be working on it this weekend.

I just looked at the post-it notes on my wall. This (plus a linear project, a few more multivariable problem sets, and a French quiz on the presentations) is the rest of my semester:

* 17/4 - SEC/Select Scott: Floater, 4-5pm; Meet Prospective, 5:00pm; FYS: draft of final paper due 6:00pm; SEC party at Jake's, 7:00pm (We get our own ice cream--Sweet Agnes!)
* 20/4 - FYS: Final draft of Writing Assignment 3 due 6:00pm
* 21/4 - Linear test out (actually, I think we get this the Wednesday before since Dr. Koch won't be there on the 21st; it's still due on the same day)
* 24/4 - French presentation; first draft of French paper due (optional)
* 25/4 - FYS: Think Piece 9 (the last) due
* 26/4 - SpARC: Scottie Math Bowl! (Yay!)
* 27/4 - FYS presentation
* 5/5-10/5 - Take linear final (of the normal self-scheduled variety), probably on the first or second day; complete multivariable final (take-home)
* 10/5 - French paper due at noon; FYS paper due at 5:00pm

And that's it. Kaput. It looks like so much yet so little when I put it that way. It's so much more than what I had last semester; then again, last semester I whipped together a presentation and a final paper for the same class in two weeks. Not only is that the rest of the semester, but that's also the end of my first year of college. [Yes, I know I already "went" to college in high school, as I mentioned in my mathematical autobiography. However, I was there solely for the academic experience then. Now I'm living it. There's a difference.] Does life really go by that quickly? Do we really live life that quickly, making decisions, not even stopping to think of the impact of that decision before doing so?

I wish I could begin to untangle the web of decision-making. Unfortunately, this web is so complicated that even the very edges are almost impossible to deknot sometimes.
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