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Shotgun weddings

Caitlin and I were discussing shotgun weddings last night when this gem came out:

[14/04/2006 10:28:35 PM] sushimustwrite: Don't you need someone to officiate the wedding too?
[14/04/2006 10:29:18 PM] moonglade_swan: I don't care if mom wants redheaded grandbabies. And yes, they have one of those at shotgun weddings.
[14/04/2006 10:29:29 PM] sushimustwrite: Ooh....
[14/04/2006 10:29:38 PM] sushimustwrite: I'll have to see about this shotgun wedding thing.
[14/04/2006 10:29:42 PM] sushimustwrite: I don't want the husband.
[14/04/2006 10:29:49 PM] sushimustwrite: I just want the dress and the cake and the fun stuff.
[14/04/2006 10:30:15 PM] moonglade_swan: hmm..... but you kind of have to have the husband.
[14/04/2006 10:30:22 PM] sushimustwrite: Oh.
[14/04/2006 10:30:30 PM] moonglade_swan: The downside of weddings
[14/04/2006 10:30:50 PM] sushimustwrite: Why can't I just marry myself?
[14/04/2006 10:30:56 PM] sushimustwrite: I could love myself until death do we part.
[14/04/2006 10:31:07 PM] moonglade_swan: Wow
[14/04/2006 10:31:36 PM] moonglade_swan: That would be an interesting wedding to attend

Yes, I kept the time-stamp on there. I don't feel like backspacing like crazy. If you're wondering, I really did read about marrying oneself somewhere. I think it was in Quirkyalone. In all seriousness though, we women tend to give so much out that we forget to give to ourselves. It's not looking out for number one--it's taking care of oneself. After all, you have to be well-cared for before you can care for someone else.
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