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Today was just like yesterday, minus the laundry and plus the actual work on the paper. I actually finished my opening paragraph today. I know that doesn't sound like much, but that and the conclusion are usually the hardest parts of a paper for me. Now I can dive into the paper and write like crazy until 6pm Monday. Okay, maybe not. I have 3 classes Monday, none of which I can skip. I don't want to skip linear or multivariable because they're math, and I ε> math. [I told Charlotte this at lunch today, by the way. She asked me about Dr. Koch since she has him next year for finite math, and I replied that I epsilon greater than him. She said, "You know you're a math major when..." I do, though. I'm planning to take his number theory class next spring, though, so I can have a bit of Koch in my life.] I can't skip French even if I wanted to because there's going to be a quiz on the presentations. Sigh.

I rediscovered another idiosyncrasy of mine tonight. I eat my cupcakes funny. Most people will just bite into them, but not me. First, I split the cupcake in half such that the frosting section and a bit of cake are the top half and more cake is the bottom half. Then I eat the bottom half by itself. Finally I eat the top half. Maybe this is why I'm such a slow eater. I must think on that one.

With that, I must shower and return to my paper.
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