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Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy 16 April, for those who don't celebrate any spring holidays [unless you celebrate No Pants Day in May--it's on 5 May this year].

The paper is going okay so far. I was writing about Zermelo, the Axiom of Choice, and its relationship to the Continuum Hypothesis when Mum decided to call me--right in the middle of their Easter dinner. In between all the yelling in the background due to all the little kids in my extended family, I told her all about my paper. She finally cut me off and asked me how I was really doing. Then the phone got passed around from her to Dad to her to Jeffrey to her to Grandmother to Mum again. The conversations went something like this.

Mum: my blabbing about my paper, her asking how I was doing
Dad: our talking about Mum's cooking, which makes me want some of Mum's homemade mashed potatoes right now
Mum v.2: her telling me what was going on outside [all the little kids were running around hunting for eggs; it was quite easy this year since I wasn't there to hide them in ridiculously hard places such as half-buried inside flowerpots]
Jeffrey: You need to come home so you can help me bring them up. [In my high school, the "top 25" was approximately the top 10% of the class by GPA. He's currently 20th and slipping since he wants to stay there.]
Mum v.3: Oh, do you want to talk to Grandmother?
Grandmother: Everyone misses you back home; I miss you; we'll have lots of good stuff when you come back.
Mum v.4: Guess what? I found you a job this summer!

She really did. Mum has been talking around the town, and apparently one of my 34324 nth cousins needs tutoring. It'll be for about an hour at a time a few days a week in--you guessed it--math and French. How convenient. Since that won't take up too much time, I could probably get another job on top of it. Sweet.

Now back to the paper.
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