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“Good evening everyone, this is Sujin standing right next to the vending machine in Walters. I'm really sure you wanted to know that.

Actually, I probably don't sound like this in real life, as my voice tends to sound quite odd, whenever it is recorded. Just to let you know. But anyway, I was thinking about everything I did today, and I realized that I did very little that was worthy of writing about, so I decided to try out the voice post thing.

First of all, I will be a math learning assistant next year. Yay! I did a little happy dance when I found out. And what else? That's it. I couldn't think of anything nice and pseudo-philosophical to write about, as I've been writing about lately.

One day, I'm just going to write about everything on paper, and bombard you with pictures of my handwriting. Which has actually deteoriated lately, for some reason, I don't understand why. Maybe because of all the math notes I've been taking lately, and it all comes down to numbers, which I scribble down, and then I have to decipher "waitaminute, is that a negative or positive?" like I did this morning in Dr. Koch's office when I was asking him about all these stupid mistakes I did, and wind up getting a C on the assignment. Then he told me "But you're doing just fine. You have a 93% in the class". And I gave him this look, a rather shocked look, actually. Number 1, how on earth did I have a 93% in the class if I just got a 78% on the last assignment, and number 2, how did he know that grade off the top of his head? Actually, he had told me he had been looking at the grades before I had came in. But still, that's quite odd. Makes me wonder if teachers have no lives. I mean, I know they do, but I remember being in Kindergarten/First grade, and thinking that teachers lived at school. Oh, the days of innocence. I think I wrote about that last night.

But speaking of innocence and secrets, it's still been weighing on me. And I don't know why. One day I should write about that, just go crazy, write, bombard you with handwriting, but didn't I say that already? I probably did. Sometimes, I wonder, if people just go crazy talking to themselves, like I'm doing right now. All these lonely people, who have no friends. It's pretty sad, actually. That's probably what people with pets do; people who live alone with just their pets. They sit there, talking to their pets, and their pets, of course, listen to them, after all, that's what they're there for. And of course, unfortunately, the pets don't talk back. Le sigh. That, is a day of sadness.

And that's probably why I should script these things before I do a voice post. But I didn't. And that's why you get to hear me ramble on for about 5 minutes, without another person. Maybe I should just talk to my muse next time, and let her talk back. And then I can have a pseudo-conversation, ... oooh, what's this thing? *pushes red button saying "Don't push"*”

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