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The Multivariable Test

I said in my voice post last night that I would be bombarding you with pictures one day. I didn't think that day would be today. However, circumstances warrant it. Start here and click "next picture" until you get to the end of the gallery. Read. The entry is eight images long. Don't bother enlarging unless you really can't read my writing; I didn't bother to shrink them because I was lazy.

In other news, I nominated myself for vice-president of the Infinity Club (hey, self-nominations were accepted!). Linnet sent out the voting today to the members. I'm up against only one person, someone I don't even know. We'll see what happens.

Edited for Shameless Promotion:
The Infinity Club cordially invites you to "Orders of Infinity"
a talk by Dr. Mike Wasserman
Thursday, April 20 at 5:00 p.m.
in Science Center 103W
along with book awards and pizza

Yeah. Scotties, be there or face the Wrath of the Sujin.</shamelesspromotion>
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