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My end-of-the-semester agenda

Linear was cancelled this morning since Dr. Koch is out of town. For once I used my time off productively. I did two loads of laundry, meaning I don't have to do any this weekend. Wow. That's a good thing too, especially considering everything I have to do next week.

1) Put together French presentation (Monday--aah!)
2) Take linear test (set aside two hours before Monday)
3) FYS Think Piece #9 (the last!--Tuesday)
4) Multivariable Problem Set (Wednesday)
5) Scottie Math Bowl (Wednesday during lunch at SpARC...*hinthint*)
6) FYS Presentation (Thursday--this one isn't so bad even though I haven't really prepared yet; I know what I'm going to talk about here)
7) Great Scott (Friday, day admissions event)

I just looked at the calendar for the rest of the semester. Here's what I have left before 2 May, the last day of classes:
5 days of linear algebra
3 days of multivariable
3 days of FYS
3 days of fencing
2 days of French

Then there's SpARC on Wednesday (speaking of SpARC, Linnet, Ruth, Liz, and Mira kept "Dr. Koch is a Great Professor and a Wonderful Human Being" as their team name...that's awesome). For the non-Scotties, this means classes are cancelled and people in the college (students and faculty) present research they've done through the year. There's an awards convocation and, of course, the Scottie Math Bowl, at which I'll be competing. (Go Empty Set!)

After the end of classes, there are the two reading days and finals. Mine look like this:
Linear algebra: normal self-scheduled final during exam period (5-10 May)
Multivariable: take-home final (receive last day of classes, due at end of exam period)
FYS: Final paper (due at end of exam period--5pm 10 May)
French: Final paper (due noon 10 May)

This is definitely more than last semester, and I know even this isn't a lot. [For those who don't know, I didn't have a French final last semester, but my math take-home final more than made up for that.] I'm just relishing in the "it's almost over!" and the "oh-no-how-am-I-going-to-finish-the-semester?" phases at the same time.

Shea has been reading me excerpts from romance novels lately. I think she's trying to suck me into the romance novel vortex.

I cleared part of my desk today. I didn't make much progress, but I did rediscover that the top of my desk is a wood-coloured brown. I also have about a square foot of available space that will probably be occupied again by tomorrow morning.

My back hurts. It has hurt since yesterday after fencing, and I haven't figured out why. I know I couldn't go to sleep for the past two nights and on Wednesday night I wound up curling up in a weird fetal position. That probably explains a little bit.

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