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French Presentation: The Experience

My French presentation was today.

I finished it last night and decided to practice it this morning. I did just that. During community hour, I went to my linear classroom [for the Scotties, it's the big scary room in second floor Buttrick] and started my presentation since I knew the room would be empty. About two thirds of the way through my presentation, my throat started to gag. "J'ai besoin d'eau," I muttered to myself. I ran out and got some water. Then I couldn't finish the presentation because my throat was still too tight to continue. This tight-throat feeling continued through linear, lunch and multivariable, despite my drinking so much water it was ridiculous.

I had e-mailed my presentation to my Gmail account, which I use mainly for storage, so I had to log into it in order to access it. First, though, this involved figuring out how to work the little pad and the remote--the exact reasons I don't use a laptop on a regular basis. [As much as I love technology, I'm better at the inner workings of things than what I have to put my hands on. ...Wow, that sounds wrong in more ways than one.] The first time I attempted to save the presentation, I accidentally opened the presentation instead of saving it. Then I closed it and the Gmail window. So I had to start all over again. It worked the second time, and we were rewarded by a shiny window that said "L'Académie Française".

So I began. I sounded a little dull at first [probably because I was reading off my index cards], and I probably butchered the language, but on the whole I did okay. I even answered the questions fairly well and didn't revert to English. Overall, I made grammar fun...or something. Well, I hope I did since L'Académie controls the language, meaning they control grammar, and I like grammar--a lot.

At least it's over, though. Hooray!
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