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An Open Letter to the ASC Community

To: ASC Students

Re: Drama

Dear fellow students,

It has come to my attention recently that many of your conversations are beginning with "She told me that..." This, among other things, has led to the recent explosion of what we all know as drama.

First, remember the different types of sources. If a person tells you about an incident that she has actually experienced, then she is a primary source for that information. If, on the other hand, she recalls an incident that someone else experienced but she herself didn't experience, then she is a secondary source. Although both primary and secondary sources are reviewed as well as they can be before being accepted as truth, secondary sources are often reviewed more because they are created after the incident. This is what is happening now; however, we are involved are in an extensive game of Telephone; what was once "If you don't use your muscles, they become stiff" can become "Choosy moms choose Jif!" if the message isn't passed properly. This is what can happen over time; we have no idea what details are and aren't being passed to other people.

Then there's a bigger problem: exposing your drama in public. Given, we are a small community, and almost any given place could be considered public, but discussing your drama in an open forum such as the dining hall or in class is a wonderful opportunity for others to find out the details--whether or not they've been obscured by the Telephone game. Some particularly catty-mouthed people take advantage of this opportunity to absorb these not-exactly-true details and spread them to others, especially to those who would really like to know these details about you.

After others gather these not-exactly-true details, the cycle repeats itself. Only we, working together, can make it stop. However, we are as strong as our weakest link, so all of us will have to work together in order to stop the drama.

Your fellow Scottie,

Yes, that pretty much summarizes my day. Not my own drama, but observing the drama of others and shaking my head at it.

Hey Scotties! Tomorrow is SpARC! Where you will be tomorrow?
How about coming to the Scottie Math Bowl at 12:15 to cheer on the Empty Set [Nico, Melissa, Jayme, me]? It's in Lower Evans, Room C. Be there!
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