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Scottie Math Bowl 2006 And Our Owning Thereof

Guess who just owned the Klein Four Group, Rulers of the Domain, and Dr. Koch is a Great Professor and a Wonderful Human Being?

That's right. The Empty Set [Melissa, Jayme, Nico, me] did. I arrived in Lower Evans, Room C around 12:10 because the math bowl started at 12:15. I got there and met with my team; Dr. Lewin passed out all our nameplates to sit in front of us; Nico and I decided to embellish ours. Here's mine:

For the curious, Dr. Lewin's writing is the red; each team received a "symbol" representing the team. My embellishments are in blue.

Moving on. Dr. Wiseman began the bowl by introducing everyone: he was the announcer; Dr. Koch was the reader; Dr. Lovell (who is actually from physics and astronomy, but she hangs out with us because she's cool like that) was the scorekeeper; Dr. Tansey was the timekeeper (complete with gong); Dr. Lewin was the "esteemed panel of judge", complete with bell, horn, and black robes.

Then she chose two team names at random to see who would go first. These two teams would play each other, followed by the other two teams. Finally, the winners of these two matches would play in a championship round. Dr. Lewin drew the Empty Set and the Klein Four Group. So we went up, sat down, got comfortable, and began.

It was amazing. It was like Nerd Squad in high school, only it was all about math. Besides knowing entirely too much about the math department faculty, I discovered some things that I didn't know at all (or due to my mental mathitis couldn't do within the time limits, even with pencil and paper), like... several of the questions.

The Empty Set won the first round. I don't remember the gap, but it was somewhere between really close and a landslide.

Then the Rulers of the Domain and Dr. Koch is a Great Professor and a Wonderful Human Being competed. Before I forget, the Dr. Koch team made shirts. They were yellow with "I Heart Dr. Koch" on the front and "Mathlete" on the back. So next year everyone in New York and Dallas (where Linnet--education--and Ruth--economics--are going to grad school) will hear the tale of Dr. Koch, although they'll also butcher his name along the way. The Dr. Koch team won.

Then it was DKiaGPaaWHB vs. the Empty Set. This match--the final match--was divided into two halves, with a break between the two halves to switch sides, just to keep things fair. During the first half, the Empty Set got really far ahead. I used common sense to figure out that Dr. Lewin was the math professor born furthest south [South Africa, for the curious]. Our bonus? Figure out which math professor was born furthest north. [Dr. Koch, which we also guessed correctly.]

The Empty Set got really far ahead in the first half. After we switched sides, DKisGPaaWHB caught up, but never enough to get ahead of us. We won, but this match was closer than the score of the first match.

Then Dr. Koch gave out the prizes. Everyone who played received two boxes of Nerds ("after all, you are what you eat," he said). The second place team received stress balls in the shape of a -hedron whose name I can't remember. Finally, we received a nonbiodegradable Scottie Math Bowl and shirts that said "math is hard". My team let me keep the bowl since I ... contributed the most to the victory? I don't know.

Apparently I did, since for the rest of the day I received several comments of "Wow, you must know everything!" I thought these comments were supposed to stop after high school. After all, I should have gotten the Gödel question (his area of study: logic), and there were several questions that were buzzer beaters, like the Hitchhiker's Guide question (yes, it was 42, and it was during the final round; Liz got it, and their bonus was about the Infinite Improbablity Drive). Ah well. We won. It was exciting.
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