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She only drinks coffee at midnight when the moment is not right

The archiving project is up to February 2005. WOOT. My updates become more sporadic around this time, so I'm very close to finishing. I'd also like to dig through my sock LJ (ironically, this account is much older than this one) and get those old entries out, especially since I do discuss an era left out of Tail--all because the people involved read Tail.

But today's the day of disturbing links.

Go. Read this. It's horrible that behavior modification center (and I use the term very loosely here) still exist, especially when these types of camps are designed to torture and brainwash the kids into believing that they're scum. Note: This link describes these camps in great detail, as the writer has survived one.

While we're talking about behavior modification, I found the ex-gay movement disguised in this 'children's' book today. (Implied sexual abuse) Just.... no. No. Uncle Peter needs a bit more than help, and the kid in the story needs acceptance, not brainwashing counseling. Then again, the author isn't exactly thinking on that wavelength. Here, have a clip of his therapy on CNN. Yeah, I think that shows a lot.

Meanwhile, it actually rained here tonight. Maybe it'll help the heat a little after all.
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