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I think I have an idea for this year's Nanowrimo novel. Yes, it's only six months and two days away, but it's never too early to start thinking about it! Of course, this means that I won't start planning it until a week before Nano actually starts.

Today we had the math table at lunch, or so it felt. Sam and I were eating lunch together (she's a math/econ major) when Marybeth from FYS joined us. While we didn't talk all about math and related sundries while Marybeth was there, we did after she left [no, it wasn't a conspiracy]. See, Sam is taking 204 next year, and we--along with a lot of our linear class, and a good bit of my multivariable class--are taking differential equations in the fall. Then Shannon and a few others from multivariable came to the table. It really was the math table, even though not much math was discussed after it really became the math table.

Hmm, I wonder if we could really have a math table. Some other departments have department tables sometimes during lunch. Why can't math join in on the fun?
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