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The Infinite Loop

I found this in my multivariable final:

(c) Use your answers in (b) and (c) to [...]

I could do that, but wouldn't that be an infinite loop? Actually, the really scary part is that this is from my textbook. Even sadder, this is the first problem on my multivariable final. I can imagine what the people who do their work in order do. Well, assuming they notice this stuff, and many of them don't. I actually had to point out the typo on the last test that really made a difference in evaluating the problem.

Speaking of the multivariable final, I'll be almost halfway finished as soon as I get to the library and Maplefy a few things. This is due on Wednesday. Sweet. So I took a break from multivariable to work on my FYS paper and to study for my linear final, which I'm aiming to take tomorrow [Saturday at the latest]. I can't squeeze out the introduction to my FYS paper, which is what really needs to be revised, so I started studying for linear. I should probably write the French paper too. That reminds me; I'll probably start receiving several papers in the next few days to proofread (I sort-of kind-of volunteered to proof a few), so I should get a move on with my own.

[creates document with name and title] There. I've started the French paper. Sort of.
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