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Wow. I leave tomorrow. My entire life up to this point (well, what's worth taking, anyway) is packed away in five boxes and other sundries. Dad finally unplugged Compy last night (I think he was putting it off because he wanted to keep it) and packed it. Now I have one question.

Where is all this stuff going to go? Even now I'm thinking of last-minute stuff that won't fit in the boxes. The boxes are already overstuffed, and I haven't taped them yet because I don't want to forget something. Case in point: Hollis left a message on my Facebook wall yesterday about Elements of Style, which happens to be a really good (and short!) book about grammar. That reminded me: I forgot to pack it. I had packed all the other books I had intended to bring, but I forgot that one, perhaps the most important one of all. How could I let down the Elements? My boxes were already overstuffed, but I managed to stuff it in there.
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