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tie me to the end of a kite

The two oldest dorms on campus (Main--the dorm I lived in last year--and Rebekah) don't have air conditioning. This, coupled with the hundred-degree weather we're facing right now, led to an email from Dean Hudson yesterday:

Dear Students,

We understand the extreme heat outside is making living conditions very uncomfortable in our two residence halls that do not have air conditioning. We are taking steps to try to improve these situations:

* We will place fans at the end of each hallway in Main and Rebekah
* We will have additional fans that can be checked out from the Office of Residence Life with first priority going to the 4th floor of Main
* We are bringing in water coolers for each floor of Main and Rebekah to ensure you stay hydrated
* We are encouraging all students in air conditioned residence halls and apartments to have slumber parties in your rooms with your friends from Main and Rebekah
* We will have mattresses in Rebekah Woltz after Sunday's orientation for any students living in Rebekah and Main to sleep on. Please sign up[...]

Please take care of yourselves and know we are doing our best to make these conditions more bearable.

If it weren't for the actual heat, I'd be cracking up. Especially the slumber party line. I know it wasn't this bad last year. Granted, I don't live in either building this year (I'm in Inman, for the curious--bring on the slumber parties!)

On a completely different topic, this cracked me up. Harry Potter's guide to people you meet in college. I'd say I'm the Hermione/Luna cross.

Also, I just ordered my two most expensive books for less than a hundred dollars, and looking around, I can probably get all my others for less than fifty. I love you, Internet.
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