Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Finals Day the First

I took my linear final this afternoon. Other than making a few stupid mistakes that I later corrected, I think the exam went rather well. I just don't get any points for the bonus (Have a nice summer!) because then Dr. Koch would have to follow us around to make sure we did have a nice summer, and we were almost guaranteed not to have a nice summer then. I epsilon greater than Dr. Koch.

Apparently Shea now thinks I equate math with sex. I told her about another mathgasm yesterday, and she said, "Never say that again! You've scarred me for life!"

To which I said, "But there are so many areas of math of which I'm completely innocent!"

She replied, "That sounded almost sexual."

Seriously, though, math really is sexy. Someone in mathematics gave me an awesome idea for dorm decoration next year which can maximize my mathematical activity: a math wall! That's right. If I can do it without violating school policy, I can mount a huge board to my wall and have a huge board to do my math on. That will be beyond all awesomeness.

Now... playing ljdq, two papers, and a take-home final to go. I can do this!
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