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We do make better lovers.

I leave on Sunday. I have yet to start packing.

I found this through some inspired macros on lolpotters. Yes, HP Bananaphone. I've been singing it to myself all day.

This article explains a lot--to me, at least. I'd rather have people tell me things the way it is right away instead of kicking around the point and softening it, as they tend to do. And let's face it--it looks like I had a really soft skin over the years from being so neurotic and picked on, but really? That skin just got tougher and tougher. Why else do I grab the popcorn when I see a flame war on the Internet or hear a good catfight in the hall? Tactless? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

Also? This article? Hilarious. Geeks do make better lovers. I especially love this reason because it's so true:

Geeks don't shock easily

Geeks have seen all the porn you can imagine and then some, priming them to be open to your sexual peccadilloes. They are not only less likely to be shocked by your exotic requests -- they might not even realize that other people think your turn-ons are exotic.

Conversely, your geek lover might be relieved that your wildest fantasy involves only two other people, five utensils and a trapeze.

Hrm. I'll have to try that.

Speaking of porn, I found Strong Bad/Homestar slash today. *blinks* Yeah. I've actually seen worse. Though now I'm curious. Does Homestar wear underwear?
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