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Gee, is everyone on Facebook now?

I don't know how I ever got along without OpenPandora. It's open source, it plays Pandora on your desktop, it submits your tracks to, you can get lyrics, and just about anything else you can think of--plus you can still do anything else you can do with Pandora. Granted, it's Windows only, and you have to have IE to use it (it doesn't exactly run in IE, though), but still. It's awesome. It makes browsing while listening to Pandora so much easier.

On another completely different note, guess who managed to find me on Facebook. You probably won't guess. (And if you said my brother, he did that months ago. One of his friends managed to find me, too. Hey, any wall comments will be entertaining, at least.)

My sixth grade math teacher.

Yes, you read that correctly. I didn't recognize the name at first, and viewing the profile didn't help much either because she looks completely different now than she did nine years ago. :P But when I saw that this person graduated from my high school (years ago) I thought, "Wait, is this some crazy person friending every single person who graduated from RHS?" Okay, fine. I ignored it for the moment and realized that I had to know this person from somewhere--after all, random people (really random, I mean--the kind I've never even talked to or walked past in my life) haven't tried to friend me since I first signed up for an account, and those were Morehouse boys. Picking on the first-year class, no doubt. (I didn't friend them, by the way.)

I went back to packing, and I found myself repeating the name. And then it hit me.

Well, at least she'll know that my boredom in her class wasn't for nothing.

Oh, and packing? Yeah, I'm still doing that.
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