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Ikea: just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen

First 'week' of classes: OVER. Thank god.

We talked about binary operations in abstract this morning, during which I mentioned that roots of unity sounded really spiritual. (Well, it does!) Now I see why math is the closest thing I have to a religion. Maybe the roots of unity can the pillars of the Church of Mathematics. It's kind of zen in a way.

So I turned in my registration form (finally), read the flist, and filled out that form to let Dr. Lewin get to know us and our geometric backgrounds even better (she has had all of us before, so it's more of getting to know about our experiences of geometry) before physics.

I'd say I wished we could do the same thing in physics all semester, but I could hardly stand a whole lecture on conversion and sig figs, even with Dr. Bowling's jokes. Next week? Derivatives and integrals. I have a feeling I'll be taking notes just to keep from visibly sleeping.

Almost everything I normally hang out with eats at noon instead of at one on MWF, so I'm basically sitting with different people every day for now. Today I sat with the other Sujin, Chunying, and Zijua. Chunying and Zijua and I wound up spoiling a LOT of the HP books for SooJin, and then we found ourselves talking about fandom and fanfiction. Chunying's a slasher too! Someone I wouldn't have expected. :D Which is a lesson for all of us: You learn things you don't expect every day.

In geometry we messed with Geometer's Sketchpad, and I learned that I had forgotten everything that I did learn in high school geometry, including how to construct perpendicular lines and how to bisect an angle. Granted, I haven't had geometry in six years, but still. And then we talked about axioms, which made me very very happy.

Afterward Minda, Shauna, Emily, Sandra, Stephanie, Melody, Renu, and I (look, four pairs of roommates!) skipped the tailgate and went to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner. It was hilarious--the vegetarians sat on one side of the table (actually, Melody just doesn't eat red meat, but.), and the omnivores sat on the other side. It wasn't even intentional, but it was convenient for splitting pizzas, which the non-meat eaters did and which Minda, Sandra, and I did (bacon and mushrooms--I recommend it).

Caitlin, remember that time you and Shea and I went out and it started pouring as we were walking back? Well, I told Minda about it, and she said, "If it rains, it's all your fault." It started to rain just as we left. Luckily it wasn't the downpour we experienced.

Also, Emily and Sandra were discussing who'd win if Stephanie and I got in a fight. Angry or crazy? Basically, you'd expect her to get into a fight, but I'd come out of nowhere and start fighting, as evidenced with the random care bear stare tonight. (I have no recollection now of I said that made her glare at me and made me just say, "Care bear stare!")

On the way back, Stephanie, Melody, Renu, and I stopped by Starbucks. Renu was wearing this shirt that said "B is for Beautiful", and when he read it, I replied, "And A is for awesome."

"And T is for Totally awesome," he said. I was sort of tempted to get coffee just to get it handed to me by pretty boy coffee guy at the maker, but I don't drink coffee, as a few of you well know. So I got tea instead, and F is for Frank at the register handed it to me.

After we finished our drinks (I was last per usual) and left, we went to see Melody and Stephanie's room since we hadn't seen it yet. Eventually we got tired of the fans being our only source of cooling, so we headed to my room and found ourselves in one of spontaneous conversations upstairs for the next two hours or so about everything and anything. I know we mentioned goatse and passing out during sex (no, not any of us) at some point, and we faked switching roommates over yet another mention of Harry Potter--Stephanie and Renu vs. Melody and me. "We get this room," I said.

"Then I get our table," Stephanie told Melody (they have a bright yellow Ikea table in their room). "You can have weekly visitation." And it started there, where they were discussing who'd get which plants. They should call those roommate contracts prenups instead. They'd be a lot more fun to fill out, and if you split, you have to cut the Johnny Depp poster in half.

And... that's it. Hello kitty weekend.
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