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I promised a picspam post. Here goes (now with 42% more commentary!)

At the Scottie Sister Soiree, Pauline (my little Scottie sis), Renu, and I went to Pauline's dorm and found a Scrabble board in her lobby. The three of us started to play. Diane, someone on that hall, joined us later. Eventually Pauline left to go to bed. This is the result.

(Yes, all of those are words according to THE BOOK that we found with the board. Don't worry, I doubted whether 'luv' was in there, too, but Renu looked it up. And we couldn't find any place for that Q. Which reminds me, Renu's getting her Scrabble board shipped down here. WIN. Also posted to scrabbleshots

On that topic, I want these really badly.

My closet door.

Our beds and my dresser. The convocation program and my pajamas are on my bed.

Let's go upstairs! You get a peek at the 50-foot ethernet cable I mentioned earlier.

My desk. Yeah, I just piled everything there for the moment. It'll get clean eventually. Since Wednesday I've acquired a lolcat for Compy, though. Anyone want to guess what's on the screen? ;)

The rest of the loft area. Based on the other pictures, you can probably guess which bookshelf is mine. :) It'll all be clean eventually, I swear.

The alligator! Yes, the head is facing my desk. He'll bite me any day now.

Looking down from the loft, which makes me realize the obvious: We DO have a lot of space in here.

And I epsilon greater than that shirt.
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