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Mira showed Sarah and me this in the math center tonight. The person in the bathrobe cracks me up.

The first iPod party was tonight in the Hub. Hrm. I went, just to see what it was all about. It was actually pretty fun--better than reading for French, anyway. Oh well. I don't have French until 12:30 anyway, and it's only four pages of reading.

I should probably get an iPod at some point.

You know what's not especially cool about this semester? We have problem sets due every week. Granted, I'm used to this from past Lewin classes. But we also have them in abstract. This means that I have my first abstract assignment due Friday and my first geometry assignment due Monday. Lather, rinse, repeat--almost every week. To be fair, I know every problem we're doing for abstract since he already gave them to us, and I knew Dr. Lewin would do that anyway, so I knew what I'd be getting into. So it's perfectly fair. It just means I really have to be on top of things this semester, something that (as we all know) I've had issues with in the past.

This semester's Calc II class is really small. I'm talking about ten people small, and the class meets in this huge classroom (well, huge for Agnes). So I guess I'll get to know these ten people really well this semester. Hey, at least I'll have other sections to keep me busy in the math center.
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