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And now for your daily dose of squick.

The emofest yesterday felt really good. With that, I return to my usual schedule of extremely disturbing link fodder. If I scar you for life because of this, that's an SEP.

The Wrong Sort by novembersnow. Dobby/Sorting Hat. This is absolutely hilarious.

mooders (who is someone else now, I think) wrote Dobby/Mandrake. These are actually more sweet than disturbing.
Part One. | Part Two

All right, now to the squid squick part. Warning: I got squicked, and I actually seek out this stuff. So click at your own risk. I did warn you.

You learn something at stupid_free every day. You know how some mammals eat their own placenta? Apparently some humans do too. This in itself is a little gross, but not squick-worthy. (The link in this post goes to a picture of a breastfeeding woman and more placenta. What am I saying? You're the one who clicked this.)

Then I started to look for recipes. This is where the squick begins.

Wikibooks has an entire section on placenta recipes.

The other post in placentophagia contains several recipes.

Having a party? Why not serve a placenta casserole? They claim it's vegan-friendly, but I'm not buying that.

And more recipes!

Placentophagia at

So there's your daily dose of squick. One side of beef for me, but I'll pass on the placenta, thanks.

For those who didn't click (and to be honest, I don't blame you), you can come out of your hobbit hole now.

I kind of missed an SPS meeting while working on geometry. Oops. I still need to finish it and write it up too. Melissa and I are going to ask Dr. Lewin about one of the questions tomorrow afternoon between our other classes and geometry since the assignment isn't due until six (conveniently after class). Quite honestly? We have no idea what that part of the question is asking.

But now sleep calls.
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