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Just another manic Monday

Oh, look, we got another extension on our geometry assignment. Again. It's a good thing (for once) too, since today is also packed for me, and I have that abstract test to take sometime between now and 8:45 Wednesday morning.

I have that meeting with Dr. Finco this afternoon, which means that I need to find his office before then. I can guess where it is (and it's not that hard), considering he's in the bio department.

I still haven't found my calculator yet. Now I have a sneaking feeling that I forgot it. *stabbity stab* Considering I have a physics quiz in twenty minutes that'll involve sig figs, this isn't good. It reminds me of the Calc II final exam where I left everything unsimplified because I just ran out of time--just about everyone did, to be honest. (Apparently I still did really well on it, though.)

Off I go!
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