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I do, however, have a sketch of a geometry proof. Proving it is another matter.

French was canceled today. I was on the way to the science building when I saw a few people from my French class walking away from the building.

"No class," Natacha told me.

This didn't click for a minute. "Why not?" I asked.

"She's not feeling well," Natacha replied. "There was a message on the board."

So I headed back toward Alston to check my mail, running into several other people in the class along the way. When I peeked into my mailbox, I saw a coveted big mail slip. It was green for a change, meaning I'd need to sign to get it. This was unusual. I requested my package, expecting Mum to have sent my medicine to me already. (Which reminds me, I need to call her and ask me to send it.) Instead, a thin package found its way into my hand. It probably could have fit in my mailbox. Who would have sent me this?

When I finally started walking back toward the dorm, I looked at the return address, and it hit me.

This was my passport. I tore into it, and sure enough, there it was. Wow, I wasn't expecting it for at least another month, as I applied for it in mid-August. That was really quick.

In other news, I'm really proud of myself. I actually finished my algebra assignment before 11pm the night before it's due for once. Sure, I finished it at four this afternoon, but that's much better than eleven. This meant that I actually had time to start on my geometry assignment, which is a change for me. Who knows? Maybe I'll finish it on time for once.

Which reminds me of two things. Mira was gone Monday through today, and she asked Dr. Lewin if geometry could be taped Monday and Wednesday. Sure enough, we had film people in the class those two days, filming the class. We should put the lectures on Youtube in ten-minute clips. That'd be great.

Second, our geometry assignments are due Tuesday at six instead of Monday at six. Considering I'm busy from noon to six Tuesday (French, physics lab, and work, whoo!) and very possibly from ten to six, this doesn't mean a ton to me except that I now have Monday nights to finish the assignment. Now that does mean a lot. At least I have more than just the weekend now.

Speaking of the weekend, I have to finish Lettres d'Une Péruvienne by Tuesday. Yeah. I'm way behind on that. At least I have a weekend to do it. Bring it, Friday.
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