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Finally Friday...erm, Saturday.

Tonight was the speed dating fundraiser for our class. At first I told myself that I wouldn't put myself out there because it was against my quirkyalone nature and, well, how well can you get to know someone in three minutes? Either way, I did support the cause that the money would go toward, so I went with the lesser of two evils and decided to help out with maintaining order and general hanging out.

As is expected at an Agnes event, even with the recruiting of guys, there were still many more girls than guys, so it wound up going in two rounds. I just hung out and talked to people who weren't going through the first round (all girls, obviously) and actually wound up meeting a few Agnes people in the process. Watching the speed dating process was extremely interesting because, well, you have three minutes to say anything to the other person, and if you like that person, to make your mark and make that person write your name down. Each person wore a nametag with a first name, last initial, and a number (to order the people), so the speed daters could write down names of people they were interested in on a sheet of paper provided upon entrance, which would be turned in before leaving. Then if there were any mutual matches, the people would get an email saying such.

But I digress. There was a lot of literal hand-waving in the circle, and I noticed that one guy was really into his high-fives. I can imagine the end of those conversations.

Sarah: "Switch!"
Guy: "It was nice meeting you." *high five*

Then second round came around. Just about all the guys stayed, but we needed to get all the girls in who weren't in first round. There was one spot left. Mira tried to make me go in there, but I stubbornly refused. I walked across the room where Lizzi, Dara, Slgi, and a few others were sitting. There was still one seat empty. After much debate over who'd take it, I finally sighed and took it.

It was actually pretty fun. I was right about not getting to know anyone very well in three minutes, but I did have a few interesting conversations. A few people were rather surprised when they asked me what I wanted to do with my math degree, and I told them I wanted to spread the love, even after I explained why. There were some interesting people there, though, and I did get to talk to most, if not all, of them. Honestly? I'm pretty sure the most they got from me, other than our off-topic blathering, was that I love math and writing. On the other hand, if they really are *shudder* date-shopping, that's actually a good thing. I actually told one person there, "Yes, I am blogging this." :D

Speaking of blogging, puddingofevil and I met today! By which I mean she recognized my epsilon greater than shirt at Mollie's, which makes me Internet famous super-cool. Or something.

OH! I found my calculator. I called Mum and asked her to hunt for it in my room. Naturally, it wasn't there. But while I was talking to her I dug through the depths of my backpack, and my hand hit something. I reached for it. There it was. At least I won't have to do square roots or sines of obscure angles in my head.

And I got a 91 on my abstract test. Among other things, I learned that I can't read. The bonus read "For #8, find...". I did that for #9. Go me. But at least I got 10/10 on all three problems this week. Wish I could say something similar for geometry.

Someone remind me to post something on speed dating to quirkyalone later tomorrow. Erm, today now. I was wondering when the music changed so suddenly. And did Renu go to bed? Hey, at least all my bookmarks got imported. 878 bookmarks. That actually says a lot of what I bookmark to my computer since I had just under 200 before I imported. The only weird part is it says that some of my old bookmarks were imported before I even signed up for an account. My best guess is when I bookmarked them to Firefox. Still, every now and then I'm on Yoshi and I think, "Wait, what was that link again?" and much Googling still doesn't bring it up. Who knows? Maybe I'll organize this for once.
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