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J'ai fini avec le français!

1279 words.

Yes, I finished my French paper. I'll proofread it tomorrow, but I think it's okay, especially considering the French spell check is better than the English spell check. [Of course, as we all know from experience, that doesn't say much. Then again, we live in a world that relies on spell check. Sigh. Learn to spell, world.]

After I turn that in tomorrow, all I have left is the FYS paper and the multivariable test. I also get to take down a post-it note and cross that off the list on my door. Oh yes, and packing. I'd hire some minions to pack my stuff and ship it to Ringgold, but they probably wouldn't pack it properly. On the other hand, it's a good time to get to know my minions. I'll have to consider that.

Don't worry; I'll write something somewhat deep after exams are over.

In the meantime, I've drunk three [or four?] mugs of hot chocolate today, and I am not ready to go to sleep right now, so I'm not. I think I'll work on something else.
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