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Black Cat and NaNo forums? Do I even need a reason to be excited?

Black Cat starts in less than an hour. Yes, I'm going to be out there. We'll ignore the fact that I have much more to do than is healthy, although I did finish two proofs for geometry and a book for French today. Whoo!

I did take a power nap before taking a shower tonight because I know I won't be asleep until at least two, and well, I need to be alert for abstract and the workshop for all the math and science LAs tomorrow.

Also, aslwkfdjasoidufasjd THE NANO FORUMS OPEN TOMORROW! Sure, the site will probably crash, and they'll probably delay the opening for a day again, but it's the excitement of the thing. This is even more exciting than Black Cat, to be honest. Then again, it is every year. And I'm still on the first page for most posts despite not making a single post since early this year. I actually recognize most of those names, which says a lot, really.

I saw seniors outside Alston with decoration on the way back from my cave the math center at 9:30. Yes, 9:30. They weren't chanting. Yet. They probably are by now.
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