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Chicken soup? Chicken soup!

I'll have pictures of the decoration madness up shortly.

Besides Black Cat and opening of the NaNo forums (which still aren't open yet--ah well, I've been around long enough to know that this is expected :P), today is also World Vegetarian Day and Renu's birthday. As Renu is vegetarian, the two do go together. So Minda, Shauna, Stephanie, Colin (now with short hair--gasp!), Melody, Renu, and I went to Java Monkey tonight to celebrate, during which it was decided that if Stephanie and I were to compete for Worst Person in the Universe, I would win that honor. Or is that dishonor?

While all of us were at Java Monkey, we started talking about the Chicken Soup books. When Stephanie suggested Miso Soup for the Vegan Soul, I started to think of rejected titles.

Chicken Soup for the 40-Year-Old Virgin's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Stripper's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Divorced Loner's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Stalker's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Right-Winger's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Left-Winger's Soul

Chicken Soup for What Is Left of the /b/tard's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Alcoholic Soul

Chicken Soup for the n00b's Soul

Hot Liquid with Tasty Fowl for the Politically Correct Soul

Ch1ck3n S0up f0r t3h 1337 S0ul

Chicken Soup for the Sarcastic Soul

Chicken Soup for the World of Warcraft Soul

Chicken Soup for the Attention Whore Soul

Chicken Soup for the Perverted Soul

Soylent Green for the Edible Soul

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Reason 234234 why I should not procreate.
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