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*sleepily* All hail to the juniors, the juniors, the juniors

I have three Black Cat-related injuries, all on my feet. First, I tripped up the stairs on the way out of trivia while saying bye to Dr. Koch and Dr. Wiseman (Koch was the firsties' faculty advisor; Wiseman was ours). Then during JP practice last night I tripped over one of the bars behind the curtain on the way back to the green room, hurting the same foot.

Then I slept through my alarm this morning and missed abstract. At least it was a Q and A day. However, I had several Q's. Dr. Koch probably thought I was hungover. I need to ask him about the assignment tomorrow anyway since it is due Friday. According to Mira and Sarah, though, you could tell who was really involved in Black Cat since they were nodding off in class, and Lily and Sam were asking most of the questions. Okay, that part is typical anyway. I'm pretty sure both of them came in with lists last Q and A day.

Number three came tonight. I didn't want to go around the aisle to go to the bathroom and change into my costume, so I decided to climb over the folding chairs in Gaines. I had done it just a few minutes ago, so how much harm could it do?

The other foot got caught in the chair. OUCH.

For future reference, I don't recommend that.

Now, some links:

Something*Positive Wank!, originating here

Apparently stupid_free members spend too much time on the Internet. I'm pretty sure this was on stupid_free or sf_drama, but I don't remember which. I'll check later.
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