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Sometimes the shattered isn't broken after all

To the random guys I ran into at Black Cat formal last night,

Attempting to grind with me while I am getting jiggy with it is not a proper way of introducing yourself. You will receive the finger if I was in a good mood beforehand and a swift kick below the belt if I wasn't. I like my heels, and I am not afraid to use them.


Other than that, Black Cat (the formal, because we Agnes people like to confuse everyone by using two terms to mean two different things) was a lot of fun. If you're wondering, the incident in the first part of the entry actually did happen twice, but luckily, a few fingers managed to shoo them away. It was a good thing, too, since my dress was long, and I couldn't kick very well with it on, even with my heels. Minda, Shauna, Emily, Sandra, Melody, Renu, Stephanie, Colin, and I went to Siam beforehand, even though only Minda and the last three were going together. Minda and I were going 'together', we joked, because friends are more reliable than real dates. (Hey, they are. Just saying.)

I need some sort of silly abbreviation for all of us. Typing that out gets old after awhile. Hrm... S4M2ER works nicely. Then we can add C to that (hee, a constant) for Colin whenever he comes with us.

Anyway, let's get away from the tangent line and back on the curve. They played "I Will Survive", which brought to mind my one regret. Some of you who have been reading for awhile may know what it is. One day I'll write about it. The good news is that it may be fixable.

In other news, there is some major drama erupting in some of the comms I'm in. You can find all of it yourself, but basically, real life and the Internet are colliding in said drama.
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