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But lately our relation's not so well-defined, and I just can't function without you

I'm back at Agnes. Over dinner Renu told me about the weird happenings in our room the first night I was gone. My first reaction was "Ghosts!" My second?

"Let's go explore the attic!"

Yes, my building has an attic for purposes of evil a computer lab, assorted storage, and supposedly not student storage so they don't have to buy a storage kit over the summer. We know how well that goes over.

So we went up, stopped on the way to see if Emily and Sandra wanted to go with us (only Emily was around, and she couldn't), and we explored. The computer lab was up there, something I didn't know until then. Students of Agnes past had left stuff up there, and there was a Christmas tree. We even looked through a lot of the boxes. The last one we looked in got our attention, though. I started poring through the books when I saw a book on complex variables. That did it. I started to read. Then Renu showed me a geometry kit, so I started to dig. This person must have been a math major, and sure enough, I found a geometry textbook and a composition notebook containing abstract algebra notes. Renu also found some stuff of interest to her.

And then the elevator opened. But no one came out. It closed again and went about its business.

We stared at each other and cracked up. But then we realized something. Besides the ghost thing, I mean. The books didn't look that old. I tried to date them based on several things--I didn't recognize the name on the box, and I knew almost all the math majors from my time here. Complex hasn't been offered in my time here, despite its being listed as a course (but they'll have to offer it next year so, if for any reason, I'll have something to take besides cross-registering and making stuff up), so she was definitely at least here before our time. I started to look for paper to write her name down before we remembered--there was a computer on that floor.

So we looked her up on Facebook. Sure enough, she graduated in 2005 (whoo, the last yellow class), so we wrote a nice email saying that her stuff was still here if she wanted it. It was nicer than saying "OH HAI WE CAN HAS STUFFS?" anyway.

Oh, and don't forget to take my NaNoWriMo poll if you haven't already--even if you're not doing NaNo this year! I like my flist stats, you see.
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