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I can't believe I did this.

We get extra points for finding and reporting typos in our algebra book. Now I've found quite a few this semester, and every time I alert Dr. Koch to one I come up with a witty subject line. The first thing I came up with tonight?

"I'm in your book, finding your typos."

It doesn't end there, though. I made him


Midterm grades are up:

Abstract Algebra: A
Modern Geometries: A-
French 390: B+
Physics 110: B

Evidence that maybe putting in work is a good thing after all.

I also did an entire problem and a half on my geometry test today. Luckily one of those was the problem that counted for the most on the test and had the most parts to it. So it was good to get it out of the way.

Oh, so the athletics department puts up these little table tents in Evans advertising games and such. Well, I picked up one up today during dinner out of sheer boredom and read it. It said to check under the table tent and check for a Silk logo, and if it had one to go see Kirsten in the gym. I looked under it. Sure enough, there was one. I untaped it and stuck in my purse. Note to self: Trek to the gym tomorrow.

Aaaaand I guess it helps to hit "Post".
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